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I'm about to make an order of titanium and niobium ear wires. If you're someone who has trouble with reacting to ear wire metals, these would probably be great for you -- it's very rare for anyone to react to niobium, and I've never heard of anyone reacting to titanium (and neither has the supplier).

Niobium hook ear wires come in bronze, yellow, (a fairly light/bright) green, steel blue, turquoise blue, dark blue, purple, and pink, and are $2/pr.

Titanium hook ear wires come only in silver-gray, and are $1/pr.

Titanium ear posts with ball, loop, and titanium clutch are $15/pr (yes, a lot more -- there's a lot more metal in them).

If we order a whole lot, costs would go down a bit.
Let me know if you want any -- I plan to order this Wednesday.
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This pleases me greatly.
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I'm vending this Sunday at the Holiday Geekfaire at Pandemonium Books & Games in Central Square. I'll have lots of new key pendants and new earring styles (like everything at my Etsy shop, plus several dozen more key pendants -- I have 28 tiny ones that are almost done). Pandemonium is a great F & SF bookstore, with new and used books, and they're giving 5% off purchases for every Geekfaire seller you buy something from, up to 20% total. Geekfaire runs from 12 to 6 pm.

I'm also hunting some ride help to get me and my wares to Pandemonium sometime between 9 and 10 am -- A. has a conflict that came up at the last minute -- and/or home around 7 pm. Please let me know if you might be able to assist.
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I was sad to see that the old FGS newsletters (and in fact the website, at all) are apparently no longer online, nor are the game quotes that were on brsp (except the ones I had on my site, which I moved here: I do however still have those old newsletters, with their quotes. Maybe I'll put them up again on my site. I have a particular fondness for the old Flicker and Forever After quotes.
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Also I went to World Fantasy Con in Toronto, and displayed key pendants there. Some notes:

- the art show was not enormous, but had a really nice selection of work. I particularly liked the art of (and seeing that name gave me sudden happy-recognition glow) and the Death and Cat pictures ( I have much gratitude to the art show staff.

- Wow did they give us a lot of books! Every member was given a canvas sack full of books. About 20. ARCs, new hardcovers and paperbacks by featured guest artists, free ebook downloads, CDs, a copy of the Song of Ice and Fire calendar... Each person got a somewhat different selection, and there was a swap table where you could switch out your books for others if you wanted.

- The con suite food was amazing. Most con suites...snack food, maybe occasional hot meal food like meatballs or chili or hotdogs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... This consuite had full, varied and interesting (and delicious!) meal food available all the time whenever I went. With signs to talk to them if you needed gluten-free/other dietary restrictions and they would get you food from the special stash. I didn't actually get to the consuite until Friday night. Once I realized what was going on, I didn't eat out for a single meal the rest of the con. Making it so I could spend more money on books!

- It was really pretty cool not only listening to lots of authors/artists whose work I love talk on panels, but just sort of randomly seeing famous names walk past you in the hall. People I heard talk included: Patricia Briggs, Charles Vess, Charles de Lint, Mercedes Lackey, S.M. Stirling, Tim Powers.... I especially liked listening to Patricia Briggs talk about stuff. And the art show had art by Vess, and also the cover art from the Harper Hall trilogy (the art I really liked with the good fire lizards), and the original cover art from the Fionavar tapestry books by Martin Springett...

- One of my absolute most favorite things was that, not listed on any schedule, Charles de Lint and various other musically inclined folks played music for hours in one of the semi-central hotel areas, both Friday and Saturday night. I only heard about the Friday night jam session after the fact, but I caught several hours of the Saturday night one, until I got too sleepy and had to go to bed. Besides Charles de Lint and his wife, Patrick Nielsen Hayden was there with a guitar, and Martin Springett, who I had not known has also written music based on Tolkien's work (unpublished for rights reasons) and Guy Gavriel Kay's, and who could do things I did not realize were possible with an electric guitar. And several other people as well, with great voices/guitar/flute.

I'd like to go again. Probably not out of the country, though -- it turns out to be a pretty big hassle in some ways. But when it's in the States, if I can.
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You should read Among Others, by Jo Walton.

It might not be your thing. But in me it lives very solidly in the same behind-the-bookcase secret room where Fire and Hemlock does.
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I am sad that Aralis, WisCon, and Anime Boston are all on May 24-26 next year. Boooooo!
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They have a new show, Sequence 8. I just looked up the dates now and got a seat for the Sunday afternoon show. It won't be the same people we saw in La Vie or Psy, presumably, but is anyone else interested?
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I has the sick. I has a sad. Boooooo Madrigal plague. At least I have a week to try to recover before the next Great Larping.
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I don't expect to be reading mail or anything on the internet between ten minutes from now and late tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
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I had meant to post this and then forgot! (Er, appropriately enough, I suppose.)

Wordle: Dionne -- Sept 2012

I had a very enjoyable session. It's funny -- it feels like there were a small group of people I interacted with a lot, and then many other people I barely interacted with at all. I like having serious conversations where people end up crying. It's fine for it not to happen every event, but this was good. I had a surprisingly perfect interaction between the aftermath of the items-people-kill-everyone encounter, and the late-night chosen angst mod saturday. And I got to open a lock, which always makes a session more excellent. :-) The only real downside was the deluge after the weather reports had very definitely told me no such thing would happen, so I hadn't brought my cloak, but several people very kindly loaned me cloaks and coats and things, so I got to go out and do things Saturday night after all. And I was better about staying in and not participating in fights I really did not want to when I was thoroughly unwilling to get soaked, without feeling I was condemning everyone to death.

The session had a pretty solid secrets and lies theme, too.

I'm looking forward to the next one.
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I really really like this: It is fanfic, about Susan and Narnia. Sort of.
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The two things I mainly noticed during my walk from the train station to the hotel were: a lot more racial diversity in comparison to Boston, and a lot more people smoking while standing or walking on the street.

In the airport, in fact, I ran into a fellow Isles 1 player; it was nice to see him. I'd been wondering if I would run into anyone I knew from around here while traveling.

Chicon has the same kind of 'there are so many levels of these buildings underground' as DragonCon does, but it seems it will be much easier to navigate than DragonCon, if only because the levels are named the same thing in both buildings. And because you don't find yourself suddenly two levels above or below ground compared to where you just were by walking through a building.

It's actually kind of awesome that I have this hotel room all to myself, even though it is sad that that also means I'm paying for it all by myself.

I've seen a number of people I know from Arisia, mostly people who are staffing or exhibiting in the Art Show. And I've seen a ton of people who look familiar, but whom I think I don't actually know -- they just look like SF con-goers, I guess.

My art show set up is all done. It made it go a lot faster that I just brought 5 single-display-pad-sized glass-topped cases, with the pendants already pinned in place inside them. It's my first try traveling with pendants and cases this way, and I greatly prefer it to what I did at DragonCon with shipping my large acrylic cases and carrying the pendants individually boxed. Even though I had to enter all my item data and print my control sheet and bid sheets once I got there, that actually went really fast (helped by the fact that I had the info on a flash drive which I could plug in to the data entry computer). The pieces don't look as good behind the glass of the cases as they do with no barrier, but what can you do. I don't seriously think there's likely to be an issue, but still, better to have them in the cases.

I took a quick look around the parts of the art show that were already set up, and damn, there's some great stuff. The thing that impressed me the most was this: Seriously, watch the video of how this is done. What an awesome crossing of science and art. And the LED-lit pieces are really beautiful.

My timing today was pretty much perfect. My flight was at such a time that I got up when I normally do, the bus and train weren't horribly crowded, I had just enough time after getting through security to buy and finish a cup of coffee and hit the restroom before we started boarding. Plane arrived early, didn't have to wait too long for my bag; took the T-equivalent to the stop nearest the hotel, stopped for lunch on the way, got my convention badge with barely a wait and then it was exactly checkin time for the hotel. Unpacked, set up in the art show, and had just enough time to look at everything else that was set up so far before the art show closed at 8. And then went and got dinner, which was utterly delicious, with excellent service, and now I'm here in my all-mine hotel room, tapping on this magical device because we live in the future.
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I recently got word that my jewelry was accepted into the World Fantasy Convention art show, which is another juried show -- no guarantees that you will get in. So I'm going to WFC in Toronto in November! I'm looking forward to hearing some of my favorite authors talk about things.

I have a room reserved in the overflow hotel, which is supposedly across the street from the convention hotel and on a map looks like it's maybe a block away. The room is supposedly Queen + sofabed, so if there is someone who wants sofabed space and would be interested in splitting cost, let me know.
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The people who had arranged to split a hotel with me at WorldCon have cancelled out on me at the last minute. Boo! Therefore, I have a spare bed in my hotel room, and would love to share with someone who could help share the cost. I would prefer someone known to me or vouched for by someone known to me, and don't require that the person/people cover a full half of the room cost. I have the room starting Wednesday night but don't require someone to share starting then.

If you or people you know could use the space, let me know/spread the word. Lack of a roommate will not stop me from going to chicon, but it will certainly be less painful if someone helps cover part of the hotel fees.


Aug. 12th, 2012 05:39 pm
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We are back from Pennsic. One of the great things that happened at Pennsic is that A. and I got engaged.

Last Sunday night, at Pennsic, we went walking -- first with a pile of other excellent people who came to Pennsic this year, and then off by ourselves. We went down the hill and by the Casa Bardicci, which is one of the more impressive pieces of Pennsic architecture: a replica of a 16th c. Italian villa, including a two story house with gorgeous woodwork and a painted tile ceiling, a courtyard surrounded by arcades, a guard house, an amazing chapel, a tiled dance floor, etc, etc. When we went by the Casa, it was all lit up, people were haggling with the gate guard to get in, and a group of musicians were playing a lovely song just outside. "I like this song," I said as we went past, and A. said "Let's go a little closer", so we went nearer, I turned to look at the musicians, and when I turned back A. was down on one knee offering me a ring. Of course I said yes, and it was very lovely, and A. said that he would have loved to propose in Italy, but since that's not an option, this seemed like a good alternative. It's part of Pennsic magic, and a place that is special to me.

And a really great follow-up occurred… )

We're aiming for next summer sometime. Soon the great logistics-ing will begin.
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Wordle: 7VCaro_July2012

Why I always end up finishing my PELs at the last minute I do not know.
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